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Shaykh Mohamed Moussa is Professor of Islamic Studies. A graduate of Al-Azhar University (Egypt), he studied principles of religion (Islam) in the faculty of Usul al-din. Dr. Moussa earned the Master of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies from the Graduate Theological Foundation. In 2010, the GTF awarded him the Ibn Taymiyya Prize in Islamic Studies for his outstanding scholarship as a master’s student. He serves as Imam of the North Hudson Islamic Educational Center in New Jersey and also serves as an Islamic Relief Sharia (Islamic Law) counselor. Dr. Moussa is Secretary General of The World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates in the U.S., as well as Secretary General of the Tri State Imams Council. He is the author of several books in Arabic (and is currently translating them into English), including Social Relations in the Light of the Al-Nisaa Chapter; Unify the Procedures of Marriage and Divorce in U.S. Mosques; a series on Al-Moyaser (Fi El Fiqh, Fi Usool Alfiqh, and Fi Alhadeeth); Philosophy of the Inheritance in Islam; Alnaskh in the Quran, and Characteristics of Faith in Islam.

  • Eid prayer will take place on Wednesday, July 6th, at 9 am at Union City High School insha'Allah.


Do Muslims believe only Muslims will make it to Heaven, or will all faiths be represented? هل يؤمن المسلمون بأنهم فقط من سيدخل الجنة، أو أن جميع الأديان ستكون ممثلة؟

Of course, a lot of Muslims believe that. But the truth is different. Whoever never heard about Islam, or received a distorted understanding of Islam, or doubted the truth of Islam, and his denial of Islam was not based on ingratitude or arrogance or supremacy, will be judged according to Divine book he believes in.

طبعا كثير من المسلمين يؤمنون بذلك، لكن الحق غير ذلك، فمن لم يسمع عن الاسلام، أو سمع عنه مشوها أو ارتابت نفسه منه، ولم يكن عدم إسلامه الجحود والكبر والاستعلاء فسيحاسب على دينه وما جاءه من كتاب من الله هو يُؤْمِن به.



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