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Do Muslims believe only Muslims will make it to Heaven, or will all faiths be represented? هل يؤمن المسلمون بأنهم فقط من سيدخل الجنة، أو أن جميع الأديان ستكون ممثلة؟

We, as all Muslims do, believe that we have to believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, all His Messengers, the Day of Judgment, and the Divine Decree. Therefore, those who agree in this regard and believe accordingly deserve Paradise with the Mercy of Allah. And those who do not have certainly disbelieved in Allah. Allah tells us that he who does not believe in Him is deprived from His Paradise.


Therefore, the question of Paradise and Hell is subject to the will of Allah. But we have to apply the ways Allah commanded for us in order to be accepted in Paradise and be saved from Hell.

The bottom line is that none of us can assert that a person will enter Paradise or another person will enter Hell, because that is up to Allah Alone. Muslims worship Allah, hope for His Mercy, fear His punishment, and aspire that He accept their deeds and admit them to His Paradise.

نقول ما يعتقده المسلمون هو أنه يجب علينا أن نؤمن بالله وملائكته وكتبه ورسله اجمعين واليوم الاخر والقدر ، فمن وافقنا في هذا وآمن بذلك فهو يستحق الجنة برحمة الله تعالي ومن لم يفعل فقد كفربالله والله اخبرنا ان من لم يؤمن به فهو محروم من جنته ، (( وللكافرين عَذَابٌ اليم )) وقضية الجنة والنار هي بارادة الله تعالي ومشيئته ، لكن علينا نحن الأخذ بأسباب الوصول الي الجنة والبعد عن النار وخلاصة القول انه لا يستطيع احد القطع بان فلان يدخل الجنة او ان فلان يدخل النار فإن ذلك بأمر الله وحده. والمسلمون يتعبدون لله ويرجون رحمته ويخافون عذابه ويطعمون ان يتقبل منهم ويدخلهم جنته